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Welcome to the Top Billing Sports Photo Store!
We sell memories of Springfield, Ohio sports -- not just photos.

This is the photo store where you can buy pictures taken by Top Billing Sports co-founder Bryant Billing. We sell pictures of high school sporting events that we cover in and around Springfield, Ohio. In general, you can buy any photo we take during a regular season game here.

The goal of Top Billing Sports is as our name suggests -- to give local athletics in and around Springfield, Ohio top billing. We seek to cover, communicate, and promote the excitement and passion of local athletics at our main website of

Our photo store helps serve our overall goal by providing an outlet to provide long-term options to keep memories of local athletic events forever. We offer over 350 different products through our selling partners -- from photo prints and download to posters, tee-shirts, and even stamps with our pictures printed on them -- that parents, athletes, fans, and anyone interested can purchase at affordable rates. Our quality photo prints and merchandise offer the ability to capture the memory of local athletics for person use.

Most images sold will be of our six main sports that we cover: football, volleyball, boys basketball, girls basketball, baseball, and softball. In addition, there will also be photographs of other sports, including soccer, wrestling, cross country, and track.

To find a photo gallery of a particular athletic event, click the "our photographs" link on the top menu of any page here on our photo store. Once on our photograph archive page, select the sport you are looking for double-click it. Once on the individual sport's archive page, click the school year in which the event took place. You will then be able to locate the particular event you're looking for.

We offer the best rates of any photographer in the greater Dayton area. You can buy prints of pictures in our store, and you buy pictures to download to your computer to use on social media sites, at affordable rates.

If you're having problems finding a particular game or event, or if you have questions about ordering, please feel free to contact us using the contact form on the top menu on any page of our photo store. We also are available to photograph special events and sessions for low fees as well. Please contact us if interested.

We cover high schools throughout Springfield, Urbana, Troy, and Dayton, Ohio.